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I'm Elizabeth, I'm 18 , from NYC. I blog whatever I like, what inspires me, etc... I like artsy things a lot.
I don't own anything unless stated.

I’m home for only 5 more days and then I’m off to college. I can’t sleep because of all the anxiety the thought of going away is giving me. My mom literally cries anytime anyone even mentions college to her. Leaving is so hard. I’m scared I might have made the wrong choice. I’m nervous that I’m not cut out for Northwestern, maybe they got it wrong. I’m not smart enough to go there… idk there’s just so much going on in my head. I’m just going to take things a day at a time, and treasure these last few days at home.

 Urban Outfitters> American Apparel. 

Anonymous: What's your race?

Err… I was actually having a conversation with my mom about this. I’m black and white, or hispanic black and hispanic white if you prefer to phrase it that way. Being hispanic isn’t really a race (it’s an ethnicity), and since my family is from the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean, my ancestry traces back to Spain and Germany (from my mom’s side) and Indigenous (Taino Indian) and Africa (from my dad’s side). So yeah. There ya’ go. 


Summer sun says get out more
I need you, I want you

1. I got back from the Dominican Rep. yesterday. The first week was bomb, but then I was like what the fuck do you mean I can’t have pancakes for breakfast, and wanted to gtfo. 

2. I did my eyebrows today. They are ridiculously on fucking point. 

3. I gotta get my shit together tomorrow. Officially 7 days left till’ I drive to Chi-town for college.